Gizmodo’s New Layout — Thumbs Way Down

Dear Gizmodo’s new layout,

After so many wasted hours enjoying Gizmodo, and the parent Gawker media site, I fear today is the day I say goodbye.  Their new layout is just unbearable, to the point I refuse to even visit the site anymore.  The Gizmodo homepage smacks you with a half page video ad to the face, and forces me a “hot” topic I could not care less about.  Beside’s the bugs that will surely be fixed (page not loading, crashing browser, et cetera) the design just leaves the viewer….lost.  Well I wish them the best, but I can’t stick around for them to make it right again.  Judging from the Gizmodo commenters the new layout is not to their liking either.

I don’t know enough expletives to adequately describe how shitty this redesign is.”

Says one commenter.  Agreed, says me.   Update: Here is how to get the Old gizmodo gawker site layout back

This link works for now and will allow you get the site you once loved back, especially to check your replies on comments. Click the link for the old gizmodo layout

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