Fast Food Secret Menus – All You Need to Know

It’s quite clear, 2014 is the year for hacking restaurant menus to obtain items not listed…enter secret menu items.  According to HackTheMenu, the ultimate guide to secret menu items, any fast food restaurant is susceptible to being hacked. Here is a straightforward list of my favorite secret menus for you to enjoy.

Chipotle Secret Menu

Chipotle, the restaurant with customization written all over it and the wonderful employees who create it for you. Our single, hands-down favorite from the Chipotle secret menu is the Quesarito. This beast is made with two tortillas that sandwich a heaping amount of cheese and then grilled in the warmer.  This creates a quesadilla, which is then used as the shell to hold all of your regular burrito fillings.  To call the quesarito delicious is an understatement, you must try it yourself to truly understand the tastes this thing creates.  Each bite trails with gooey cheese covering the delicious meat on the inside.

Jamba Juice Secret Menu

Jamba Juice creates some of the best smoothies around, and always provides a huge menu to order from.  However, the menu is too small for the secret-menu cravers like you out there.  For instance, the Dirty Orgasm  is a quite popular drink that couldn’t be placed on the official menu (for obvious reasons).  This drink combines flavors of Peach, Pineapple, Orange and Strawberries. Check HackTheMenu’s recipe for complete details.

In-n-Out Secret Menu

In-n-Out might be the originator of this craze.  With a crazy cult following and taste to back it up, this place has been dishing out secret menu items for years.  An all-time great is making the items “animal style,” such as In-n-Out’s Animal Style Fries. These are beautiful fries covered in melted cheese, secret spread and grilled onions.  A serious taste with a serious mess.

Taco Bell Secret Menu

Taco Bel is all over the place, yet nobody seems to know about their secret menu.  They have the delectable Cheesarito, a Chili Cheese Burrito and most importantly, the Double Grilled Quesadilla.  The normal quesadilla is awesome, gooey and crunchy…yet missing a little bit of a crunch.  This secret menu hack fixes the problem, as Taco Bell will allow you to have this grilled for twice as long.


There you have it, a full secret menu guide at your fingertips.  When I first began my secret menu hunting, I was nervous as to the employee not understanding what I had ordered.  So I made sure to do my research and sites like HackTheMenu make it so easy with step-by-step guides on what to say and the “secret” behind the item.  Once I got past the initial nervousness I made my first order and it went as smooth as could be.  It was at Chipotle, she heard my Quesarito and immediately yelled “need some cheese for a quesarito.”  I couldn’t have been more happy as I saw my cheesy and delicious order being made while everyone else in line was wondering how I got such an awesome hack.  So now it is your chance, read the site, be prepared, and hack away!



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