Move Aside Planking – Im HorseManning

By now everyone has heard of the now outdated Planking, the formerly hipster craze of laying stiff as a board on some object. And im sure you have heard of its equally out of fashion step-brother, “owling.” Well planking and owling have just been blown to bits by HORSEMANNING.

The official site of horsemanning can be found at

Horsemaning, Horsemanning


Origins of Horsemanning

Horsemanning (misspelt as horsemaning) gets its name and theme from The Headless Horsemen, the evil character from “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”. The object of “Horsemanning” is to make it appear that your head is laying next to you, detached from your body like the headless horseman. Horsemanning requires two individuals, one laying with their head back and hidden while the other individual hides everything except for their head. The effect of horsemanning is brilliant and creates an illusion much funnier than simply planking. Also, while planking is a solo game, Horsemanning encourages social interaction by requiring a partner. Does this help the “forever alone” redditor? Try your own Horsemaning!

Funny Pictures of Horsemanning


The Original Horsemanning

The Mustache Horsemanning


The Construction Horsemanning


The Transgender Horsemanning

Horsemaning or Horsemanning?

There is much confusion with the name “Horsemaning” and “Horsemanning”, however the recent push is for “Horsemanning”. I am on the side of Horsemanning, with two N’s and NOT with Horsemaning.

There is also a website at, set up to collect all of your horsemanning pictures

Lets see your examples of horsemanning!

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  1. Salenia 6 years ago

    Horsmanning in Tilburg.
    By two 10 year old kids.


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