Internet Trolls – Lulz – Epic Troll

Here you will find an organized collection of the internet’s greatest trollings, epic troll, and even the common troll. Follow the links to join in on the funny

Here is a collection of some of the funniest reddit posts I have seen, go ahead check them out.

The Creepy Professor

Background: A reddit user was assigned a class project to study meme’s and social media on the internet by his professor.  What does Reddit do? Of course, they find a picture of the actual professor and make a meme out of him. And the creepy professor was born.

Link to Creepy Professor

The Ultimate Pokemon Pun Thread

Background: I think the title explains it all.  If you have never seen/heard of pokemon, go ahead and skip this one.

Link to the thread

Scumbag Steve

Background: Born on Reddit, Scumbag Steve rose to instant popularity, and even to his real identity of Blake Boston.  The stereotypical high school scumbag.  Here is a link to some of the good scumbag steve meme’s

Link to Scumbag Steve


Well, this has got to be one of the most famous videos out there. Mobile alabama, the town has found a leprechaun and want to get its gold. First detailed sketch of the mystical creature in video.


Ah, the little zombie turtle kid.  On the older side, but this kid trolled that reporter real hard.


Check this Epic Troll, just remember that the original poster is on a troll run

Its called I cant believe my mom stooped so low, the guy is a genius.

The forum troll

Click Image to Read, its worth it!

Ladies, and maybe gentlemen, meet beenerKeeKee19952.  This dude has taken the internet by storm, singing along to popular songs with his own expressionistic dance movements.  He is definitely worth your time.  Check out this youtube funny star.


This is DaxFlame on youtube, he trolled people for a long time before they found out he was acting.  Pretends to be the most awkward kid out there, pretty hilarious youtuber, check out other videos from his as well, the old ones.

Drunk Guy buying beer epic fail

This has got to be the best fail out there, the dude is high on something…EXTREMELY. He then tries to go into a liquor store and buy some more beer but has the hardest time possible.  Give this one a chance and just watch how messed up this dude is.  Troll or epic fail, either way its major lulz.

Here we go, the evil eye baby.  Great up and coming troll we got.  Goes from the adorable baby to the mean mug eyebrow raise. Check him out.



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