What is a Meme?

What is a Meme?

Many ask the question, what is a meme? The Definition of a Meme is generally referred to as an on-going joke, emanating from one source, such as a funny picture.  People then create captions or a new joke upon the same general joke and it becomes a Meme.  Other phrases people use in relation to “Memes” are “Lulz” “LoL”.  Please refer to my List of Memes page to see some of the funniest memes on the internet.

What is a Meme - Philosoraptor

An example of the Definition of a Meme is a general idea or behavior that is passed through society in relation to one typical joke.  For example the “Philosoraptor.” This is a play on the “Velociraptor” and a “Philosopher”, notice how his claw is to his chin as he is in deep thought?  So people begin to pose many questions with the “Philosoraptor” in the background, as he is thinking these intense philosophical questions.

Popular places where memes arise come from Reddit and 4chan.  These websites are large communities which house numerous memes every day and create content continuously.  It is often an argument who created which meme, but in the end it does not really matter because they are funny either way.  Please post a reply if you have any questions or suggestions on the definition of a meme.
Further Definition, on What is a meme!

What is an Internet meme? An internet meme is an original thought that is spread throughout the internet and popular culture. Still do not know what a meme is, and are asking What is a meme? To explain a meme simpler, A meme is an original thought or idea can take the shape of a gif, picture, link, website, hashtag, video or even just a word or phrase such as purposefully misspelling the word “Sauce” as “Saaauuuuuccee”. A meme can be spread from person to person through social networking sites such as facebook, blogs, websites such as Reddit or 4chan, directly through emails, news sources or any other form of communication on the internet where memes can travel. A meme can be made into anything, anyone can build on a meme and take the meme even further into the meme-o-sphere.

An Internet Meme

An Internet meme
can be copied and stay generally the same or it can change form and shape over time, often through intentional or unintentional comments made about the funny internet meme, copies, or through inserting real social or political accounts into the meme itself. Such as the “Philosoraptor” meme, the Philosoraptor meme often thinks about heavy political moves, such as the iraq war. The reason many people ask, What is a meme? Is because Memes travel VERY fast. Through the use of youtube and internet memes spread like wildfire and memes become viral instantly. Often times memes are shared by the entire world in just a few short days and then the meme reaches max popularity and the meme vanishes as people lose interest. A meme is somewhat like an inside joke that has suddenly become public and then the meme not so funny any more. Another example of a meme is the one below, the Christopher Walken Meme.  Notice how his name is “Walken” but it sounds like “Walk In” and then the popular saying/song of “The Party dont start til I walk in”.  Memes are a crazy world, but are you starting to get what a meme is now?


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