How much is the faberge spider brooch from pawn stars worth?


Faberge Spider Brooch

Faberge Brooch? Let me guess, you were watching Pawn Stars and could not believe when the lady came in with that diamond and platinum encrusted faberge brooch and only wanted $2k and ended up getting $15k? Well like me, you probably went around searching for a price to this bad boy. So, how much is the faberge spider brooch from pawn stars worth? Well I have found it, It turns out the faberge spider brooch is worth an estimated $80k! Thats right $80,000 for the faberge spider Rick paid $15,000 for.

Not a bad day for the silver and gold pawn shop. Rick, the Pawn Stars champ, hit a home run with the faberge brooch.  These are pictures of the Faberge Spider Brooch from the Pawn Stars episode.

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Faberge Spider Brooch Authenticity

Update: There are questions to the Faberge Spider Brooch’s authenticity, is it fake or not?.  Well Faberge has made an official statement to “Time” Magazine stating Faberge believes the Faberge Spider Brooch is NOT a true Faberge.  That it goes against the Faberge jewelry they are known for, and the episode does not show any clear Faberge marking besides the box.  However, the official Faberge records were stolen are are missing since 1917. What do you think, is the Faberge Spider Brooch real? What is the Faberge Spider Brooch Value?

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  1. K Lee 6 years ago

    Here is the exact brooch on Ebay. I have posted here before, but it gets erased in a bit, for some reason. The pin is exactly the same. Rick got taken. It is the exact duplicate to the one above.

  2. Zayne 6 years ago

    You people forget that it is only worth what he can get someone to pay for it, it is approximated at 80k, not necessarily selling for. Value fluctuates, and he gave her 15 when she wanted 2, everyone is happy.

  3. matty 6 years ago

    I think half the stuff is just for t.v….they are turning into actors…oh yeh…I agree hoss and the old man suck too!!!

  4. melro 6 years ago

    Sorry the woman doesn’t look like someone whose grandmother owned an authentic Faberge egg that was just stuffed away in a drawer without a story behind it. My first thought was that the brooch was hot if anything. It’s either stolen or fake.

  5. Farshad 6 years ago

    OMG are you serious??, it is a pawn shop, if the lady wanted to be prepared to negotiate she should have look for info on the brooch. You guys are blaming Rick and the other guys but I bet everything that if it were you, you would have done the same. It is a business, you are in it to make money, and you all are jealous that it wasn’t you who had the opportunity.

  6. Matt 6 years ago

    :smile: i agree with most. Rick did rip her a new one but anyone in their right mind would have got it checked out if a 13,000$ increase was tossed up. Come on, what happens in “Vegas” right? I bet she had a hell of a time on her 15 grand. Cash money + the vegas strip? Oh yea, she had a BLAST!!!

  7. trishgarber 6 years ago

    I think you pawn shop stars rip that poor lady off on that spider brooch. I feel you should cut her in on half of what you get.

  8. Danny 6 years ago

    Like everything else in life, if you make hurried decisions and don’t bother to find out about your own things in detail – well you will get taken. A fool and his money are soon parted. 😕

  9. Bryant 6 years ago

    That woman was an absolute fool, and rick the biggest thief of all, just like every show! The old man and hoss suck too.

  10. Nick 6 years ago

    If the cameras weren’t there, do you think rick would have done the same thing?

  11. JuneBug 6 years ago

    :roll: Just want to know well is the Spider Brooch real or not real,fake. Whose telling the truth? My curiosity is about to kill this cat…..I want to know now????? Please tell me is this Spider Brooch by Faberge from Ms Ellen bringing to Pawn Stars IS IT REAL???????? Would love to know…Just a big fan of Pawn Stars , we all watch the show all the time…We love the show.

  12. Jolly Mom 6 years ago

    If someone is going to take something to a pawn shop BEFORE finding out its worth then that is their problem. If you recall she only asked for a very low price in the 100$’s = He could have given her just what she asked but he offered much more. And at that point anyone in thier right mind knowing that a pawn shop is in the buisness of buying and selling for a profit would have haulted the deal and investigated what they had. The sellers loss, the buyers goods. No different if you sell something in a yard sale for a buck and come to find out later its worth a 100. You named your price.

  13. Nicole 6 years ago

    What a rip off .. I would be Sick to my stomach if I had just sold a brooch to someone for 15,000 and come to find out that it was worth 80,000 !
    Yes, I would say she got ripped off…
    She shouldl have done her homework on the item and could have gotten alot more for it somewhere else…
    SHe just got screwed…
    In MY opinion….

    • Anonymous 6 years ago

      she didnt get ripped off. its a pawn shop. shes an idiot

  14. GL 6 years ago

    I think she should have gone back and sued Rick. he lead her to believe it was a fair price as they normally do. But she was not very smart to not simply walk out and contact an auction house and go for high bidder, which she could have gotten much more then80K I say double triple that easy. Now that said. You may want to ask if that is really where she actually got that spider brooch to start with. If she had taken it to auction she may have had to prove ownership which could have resulted in more then she really wanted in problems. You think her family would have simply blown off that one. Oh well sis so you got 160K for Mom;s out Spider brooch. Yeah right…I see a court case or someone going to jail on this one.

  15. Robert L 6 years ago

    When something that could really be valuable comes into the GS Pawn Shop they always get an expert in to evaluate the authenticity of the item and get a price.

    This time a Dufus came into the shop with an alleged priceless item, a Fabrege Beetle, did it get appraised?

    Nope, because Rick saw big time dollar signs and his greed took over.

    He did not want the Fish to know that her object might be worth $100,000 and she was going to sell it for $2,000.

    “I have a concience” says Rick, I’ll give you $15,000 for a $100,000 dollar object.

    The he gets pissed off when she asked for $17,00K. “that’s what I get for being honest” states Rick. Gee Rick an $85,000k profit and your pissed? What Heart.

    I really do hope it’s a fake, what goes around comes around. Obviously, “The old Man” taught you well. 👿

  16. Steve Rose 6 years ago

    I don’t know what to believe about the transaction or the broach, but I’ve seen some pretty douche like activity by these guys. To Rick’s credit, he seems to be the fairest of the guys on t.v.. The ol’ man doesn’t want to give anybody anything. If he paid 15 grand willingly, I bet he got 80. That’s fair in that she only wanted 2. Pawn shop owners, tow truck drivers, bondsmen, lawyers. All bottom feeders. You only see them when your ass is in a crack and they take full advantage of that fact.

  17. Marjanne 6 years ago

    😆 Everyone should know by now it was a scarab beetle, not a spider like they both said, but I’m really happy someone knew it was worth that much! Rick’s interview on NPR was interesting too. He could have given her less, but this way she’ll go around telling people how much she got. Too bad she spoiled it all by being such a douche.

    • Josh 6 years ago

      Everyone should know by now it was a scarab beetle, not a spider like they both said

      Anybody over the age of 14 should know that a beetle is an insect, and has only six legs.

  18. David 6 years ago

    I don’t believe in these “reality” shows. Pawn Stars, Auction Hunters, etc are preplanned and embellished to attract the viewer

    • Kelly 6 years ago

      My parents were at the shop when Corey was in, they have preplanned customers with things to pawn/sell (not fake, just screened and planned for) and they let in only a certain number of people to be in the store. after corey left, they reopened the store for everyone, and the non famous staff was working.

  19. Ms. Sunshine 6 years ago

    The box belonging to the brooch had the name of Faberge! She had no idea who Faberge is? Yes, she should have sought a second opinion. 😳 !

  20. Cheryl 6 years ago

    If you watch Roadshow, you realize that the custom box that the Faberge Spider Brooch came in says a lot. The intricacy of the work on that brooch was fabulous. I would love to see a still shot of it to examine.

    The pin on ebay was nowhere near the quality of that Faberge brooch.

    • K Lee 6 years ago

      The fellow that purchased the “faberge” piece is suing. The website has been taken off of this site. It is a fake…

  21. Martina 6 years ago

    I am sooo glad that you posted this for us. Because YES I immidiantly turned to my laptop and typed in *Faberge Spider Broach* and lookee what I found.. the link that brought me here… I am also glad I have a place to vent on about how dam RUDE that woman was. She finds out that she can get 15 and totally ruins the moment by then turning the tables on Rick. He could have not told her about the fact that everything on it is real and made even more. But he didnt. Its nice to see that he doesa have a heart. People do not seem to realise that they are in the business to make money . anyway Im a single mother of 2 and I would have done flips to find something like that out.

  22. chris 6 years ago

    in on episode where they had the trivia part, they had the brooch valued at $25k being the most expensive piece of jewelry in the store.

  23. K Lee 7 years ago

    It has russian markings, but is not Faberge’. Carl didn’t have modern Faberge boxes for his pins.There is a spider pin on Ebay at this time that is its duplicate, and is selling for 5000. Pawn Stars got taken.

  24. chris lopez 7 years ago

    Surely the old man could find some pawned teeth to put in his mouth. Come on man!!!!!

  25. Skip 7 years ago

    She should have gotten a second opinion……..she got ripped. He claimed to b honest, but he knew he got her on the deal. Very dishonest of him!

    • Nicole 6 years ago

      I AGREE 100%
      He knew he was ripping her off too…
      Come on people use some common sense don’t let them screw you over like this….

      • Andrew 6 years ago

        I Disagree…she asked for $2K and he said $15K She looks like a crackhead anyway….and he coulda made $13K more than he did and gave her just the $2K

  26. Blackhat 7 years ago

    I heard chum-lee is wearing it on dates

  27. Bute385 7 years ago

    wow rick made a killing on that

  28. Exercise 7 years ago

    I just added your blog site to my blogroll, I pray you would give some thought to doing the same.

  29. aparadekto 7 years ago

    Thats some serious business right there, ps the old man needs to get off the show

    • Zaftigger 6 years ago

      yeah, and they need to tear down that damn day-glo poster of Jim Morrison while they’re at it, I’m sick of looking at it

  30. Ralph Thompson 7 years ago

    great post thanks

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