Ready to buy a Commercial Jetpack?

Courtesy Martin

Are you ready to become a rocket man? Well the Martin Jetpack for personalize flying please is actually going to be available.  I can see it now,  flying 60mph 8k ft in the air to my buddy johnny’s house to borrow some flour all while hands free facetime-ing my mom…Lets just hope they are installed with some nice commercial rocket parachutes packs too.

The Martin jetpack comes in two models. One is pretty much what you would expect a jetpack to be- it is a device that can carry a person to infinity and beyond, assuming that infinity is less than the 8000 feet ceiling or the 31.5 miles distance that travelling at the maximum regulated speed of 63mph will take you. With a full tank of gas, that would last roughly 30 minutes, although Martin Aircraft expects that to improve as the manufacturing process becomes more efficient. The other model, which will be an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), will be released before its much sexier human-friendly counterpart. Field trials for the UAV will begin in 2011. Depending on the results, the manned flight field trials will begin in 2012.

Via Yahoo! Shopping.


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